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Our ability to bond directly to the surface of your teeth opens endless possibilities for change. Modern resins, known as composites, are putty-like materials that work like magic in many situations. Composites placed artistically on the teeth adhere with a powerful link. They set quickly when bright light from a small wand penetrates the soft sculpted surface. This material closes unsightly gaps between teeth and fills in chips or ragged edges in your smile. Sometimes we apply it to the entire face of the tooth producing a dramatic change. This process completed across several teeth at one time creates an instant smile makeover, in the right cases.

Composites sculpted and polished to a lustrous shine blend into your smile, leaving an undetectable solution to many challenging problems. Modern composites resist stain and chipping well, although they may need replacement after a few years. Fortunately, bonded composite offers a cost-effective and quick solution that’s easy to maintain over time.

In some cases, porcelain veneers hand-crafted in a dental lab serve you better than composite. And if a tooth displays extensive deterioration, a porcelain crown restores strength and beauty to your smile. Porcelain also benefits from the strong bond that links it to the mineralized tooth surface, providing years of service. Regardless of your concerns, Dr. Davis looks forward to discussing the possibilities of dental bonding with you.